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1.Commercialization of university research seeds

2.Collaboration with Silicon Valley Companies

3.Hybrid learning platform

4.Global Negotiator Development Program

1.Commercialization of university research seeds

In addition to establishing themselves as high-level research institutions, universities are expected to give back to society by commercializing research seeds by utilizing their strengths and characteristics in accordance with their mission and vision. In order to achieve this, it is important to match research seeds with global needs and disseminate them for further funding. In addition, the combination of different technologies (Convergence) may enable the creation of exponential value, and it is necessary to obtain the cooperation of external organizations with a global network.

Therefore, Palo Alto analyzes the strengths of university research and supports collaboration and system building, making full use of its experience in connecting society with universities and research institutes, as well as its industry-academia collaboration project making skills. In light of the social situation, we aim to create a global environment for creating research themes with high social impact in collaboration with researchers, VCs, and companies in Japan and overseas.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

Develop a business plan

Formulate a specific business plan to commercialize research seeds. Clarify the business model, market analysis, competitive analysis, revenue model, marketing strategy, etc., and create an execution plan.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Properly protect intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) related to your research findings. This is important for future business development.

International Expansion Strategies

If you’re thinking about global business expansion, develop a strategy for international expansion. You’ll need to do market research, understand culture and laws, and build partnerships.

Funding & Investor Exploration

Funding is needed for commercialization. Choose the right funding method, such as angel investors, VCs, or government grants.

Collaboration with Experts

Collaborate with researchers, business professionals, accelerator programs, and others to help your business succeed.

Demonstration Experiments and Market Verification

Validate research seeds in the real market and get feedback. We will conduct demonstration experiments and prototypes to see how the market reacts.

Sustainable Growth Strategy

Think about a scaling strategy for your business to ensure sustained growth after success.

2.Collaboration with Silicon Valley Companies

We closely collaborate with Silicon Valley companies to engage in the following business activities.

Technology Partnerships and Licensing Agreements

We work with venture companies in Silicon Valley to introduce cutting-edge technologies into the Japanese and Asian markets. This enables Japanese companies and consumers to access the forefront of global technology. Specific technology fields include AI, cloud computing, and IoT.

Product Sales and Support

We sell products developed in Silicon Valley in Japan and Asia. This includes hardware, software, and applications. Additionally, we provide customer support, offering a wide range of services from product implementation to troubleshooting.

Business Consulting

Leveraging Silicon Valley’s business models and strategies, we support the growth of Japanese and Asian companies. This includes formulating business strategies, expanding into new markets, conducting competitive analysis, and building marketing strategies. Palo Alto Corporation collaborates with Japanese business partners to provide strategic advice for building sustainable businesses. Through this collaboration with Silicon Valley, we bring innovative solutions and address societal challenges.

3.Hybrid learning platformUnder development

We provide a hybrid learning platform and support services to develop and strengthen human resources required in the “global” × “digital” era.
In addition to eliminating the mismatch that occurs between human resources with potential and motivation and human resources sought by companies, we will also eliminate the content and learning opportunities provided by universities and educational institutions.
In addition, we will work to revitalize the intelligence human resources at universities and research institutes.

Matching part (AI SkillchatTM)

It is an interactive matching tool that displays “required job skills” and “recommended learning items” by entering the job of interest to the user. Students will learn professional skills that meet the needs of society and companies.

Well-being (work and behavior) part: Productivity and well-being solved from “how to use time”-Visualization & Collaborative Services

What is well-being?
-Our Thoughts-

  • It is indispensable as a foundation for the sustainable success and growth of human resources and career development through continuous learning.
  • This is where visualization by “behavioral data” is remarkable. In order to improve the value of “working hours”, it is effective to increase “actual working hours” and increase productivity.
Specific Methods就業の行動データ(アクションのログ)をもとに「時間空間」を可視化します。
Focus on this timePay attention to email behavior habits, especially receiving, and look at the time it takes to process and how well it takes.
Particular attention(1) Time allocation
(2) Specific gravity of the day of the week
(3) Time-of-day ratio
Target data(1) Behavioral data: E-mail logs (sending/receiving, especially receiver logs are subject to analysis)
(2) Reference: Shifts (working hours)
(3) Basic model (hypothesis): Time space and e-mail characteristics.

Method 1

Visualization using e-mail logs and improvement cycles based on time models (hypotheses) (change tracking by visualization)

Method 2

Parallel and growth cycles.

  • Digital tool (our SaaS type): Conversion of e-mail logs into behavioral data, status visualization
  • Data management (prowork): Basic report processing for spatio-temporal visualization, etc.

Method 3

We will implement an improvement cycle for some organizations and implement it sequentially. We recommend a method of creating behavioral habits in multiple stages and establishing them in the organization. After success, you can extend behavioral data for further improvement or deploy to data-driven notifications (dynamic collaboration).

Recommended way to proceed

Based on the standard reports visualized, you will be asked to consider improvements.

  • Selection of target departments: 2~3 departments of the same system (can be compared)
  • Basic schedule: 3 months

4.Global Negotiator Program

The Global Negotiator Program will help you develop skills such as:

Negotiation Skills

Learn the skills to negotiate successfully. This includes the ability to clearly communicate one’s demands, the ability to understand the other person’s position and demands, and the ability to derive a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

Observation and perception

It is important to have the ability to observe and perceive what the other person wants and what they are struggling with.

Ability to think objectively

It is important to put aside subjective opinions and emotions for a moment and look at the facts calmly.

The Power to Lead to Answers

You need to be able to start by gathering information, analyze it, and ultimately arrive at the best answer.

Fostering a broad perspective and insight through the liberal arts

Cultivate the ability to think about things from multiple perspectives.

Japan To understand the psyche of a person

Students will gain a deep understanding of Japan culture and values and learn how to apply them to business.