Who we are

In order for the Japanese economy to regain its competitiveness in the world in line with the SDGs, it is required to shift to global standard operations. Implementing human resource development, DX promotion, and cyber security measures based on global standards will steadily increase the added value of companies.  
 Combining human resource development with recurrent education will improve worker engagement and work style reform, which will lead to innovation. Life planning based on job skills is necessary in the age of 100 years of life, and education that responds to AI, IoT, big data, and strategic decision making is also provided. 
 In the area of DX promotion, we provide a variety of tools and services to upgrade legacy systems to be compatible with the latest open systems and cloud computing. We also propose various services using quantum computers.
 Cyber security measures always require understanding the latest thinking and adopting corresponding preventive measures. We will research the latest technologies and trends with our partners in Silicon Valley and provide them to large Japanese companies.
 Palo Alto is not just a company that provides consulting and selection of learning tools for human resource development, DX promotion and cyber security measures. As a company born out of a university research institute, we will also match the seeds of university research with the best way to reform from the customer’s perspective.